How to Lend

  1. Access the LOVE lending app (lending.love.io) , specify your lending amount in the "Lending amount" section, approve the LOVE token amount at your wallet and click "LEND" button:

  2. Connect your wallet. Choose between MetaMask, WalletConnect and TrustWallet:

  3. Input data into the 'Lending Amount in LOVE'. The current APR will be calculated. You can also see the lending amount:

  4. Before the first Lend, you need to press "Approve" button and let the access from your wallet to staking smart contract:

  5. After the Approve transaction is completed, you can start Lending:

  6. Press "LEND" button and approve staking transaction at your wallet:

  7. Now you see your lend appearing at My Lends section

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