Love Staking is flexible staking with a locked period until a planned date.

How to Stake

  1. Access the LOVE staking app (, specify your staking amount in the "Stake amount" section, and select your desired staking duration in the "Stake Length" area.

  2. Connect your wallet. Choose between MetaMask, WalletConnect and TrustWallet.

  3. Before the first Stake, you need to press "Approve" button and let the access from your wallet to staking smart contract.

  4. After the Approve transaction is completed, you can start Staking:

  5. input data in the 'Stake amount' and 'Stake Length' tabs. The calculated APY appears in the right-side calculator under the 'Current APY' tab. You can also see the staking amount and stake length:

  6. Press "Stake" button and approve staking transaction at your wallet:

  7. Now you see your stake appearing at Active Stakes section:

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