When will the Sacrifice end?

The sacrifice for $LOVE will end close to or after PulseChain main net is launched. The Airdrop will take place shortly thereafter.

Do you own Love.com and do we need that?

Dot com address has less importance in crypto and it is more about community and network growth that matters. Bitcoin.com is owned by Bitcoin Cash, not the BTC community. Since Love is such a general word in SEO it does not make much difference either. We believe Love.io is stronger and even better to launch a crypto from. Even though someone would buy Love.com and try to build community we believe it will be considered as "fake" Love. Lovefy.com will be our wallet since there are too many dating apps with Love in android and app stores.

Are there not Love Coins and Love tokens that existed before and will this not dilute the value of our LOVE tokens?

There are and have been many “Love coins and tokens” created before. Everything from dating apps to loyalty programs. But it is not the contract name that gives a cryptocurrency its value. Anyone can e.g. make a contract today and call it Bitcoin with the symbol BTC. But that would not make it as valuable as the original Bitcoin. What makes a cryptocurrency valuable is the original contract address, the network, community, ecosystem around it. We anticipate there will be alot of "fake LOVE" out there in the future but without Love.io network effect or value. Eg, every time a new ERC-20 is made on Ethereum, there are always exact copies made by scammers. We would not be surprised and (actually rather disappointed...) if not several ERC-20 tokens have already been made with the token name Love.io and symbol $LOVE. It is only the token contract address that matters that is published on Love.io which is very important to know for new cryptocurrency users.

What about Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, will they launch their own LOVE?

We don’t believe there will be any value for Facebook or Amazon or Twitter to create their “Own” $LOVE cryptocurrency. The value of a cryptocurrency is that it is decentralized and has interoperability. On the other hand, we do believe that Facebook, Amazon, Twitter might add our real “LOVE” to their platform, which would bring added value to their users. Twitter added BTC but we believe $LOVE has many more use cases.

Why are you building on PulseChain and how will it work?

Why we are building on PulseChain has many reasons. The LOVE Story - RoadMap to Mainstream Adoption shows the overall journey. Technically It will work the same as on Ethereum, but on Pulse we will have much cheaper and faster transactions. Love.io will also have a dedicated wallet called Lovefy Wallet that will include AMM, such as PulseX, Mobile pay with Visa, Mastercard etc BTC had hard to bring mainstream adoption on social media due to the name that prevented Blitzscaling, high transaction fees and slow transactions between users. LOVE has the right name, on the right chain at the right time. The LOVE Story- The RoadMap to Mainstream Adoption..

Is Richard Heart involved in LOVE?

Most of our team members are truly Hexicans and have also made sacrifices to PulseChain. We are also longtime followers and admirers of Richard Heart. Even though we have not had any direct involvement with RH creating LOVE we believe that we are following many of his viewpoints and opinions regarding: why Bitcoin Cash failed mass adoption, why Centralized Exchanges have prevented mass adoption etc. More can be read in The LOVE story- RoadMap to mass adoption

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